Tumblr needs more Warhammer Fantasy.

The world needs more warhammer fantasy. The community dried up with 8th ed :-(

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Look what i got to play today! Part 2


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This is so beautiful, I cannot even begin to imagine how much it costs…

 Courtesy of GMMStudios

oh f*cking hell that would take a lot of tanks to stop

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Completed Malifaux Kirai Ankoku Geisha. Wyrd Miniatures.


Completed Malifaux Kirai Ankoku Geisha. Wyrd Miniatures.

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Army of The Empire - Warhammer: Smrtihlav 2014 (photos by Lukáš “Viper” Makovička)

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Remember like forever ago when I decided to do a 1v1 duel-style diorama/mini/whatever? No? Well, I did.

Took one of the witch elves from the bloodwrack shrine I bought forever ago to be my Chaos Warshrine (the Avatar of Khaine from that now serves my Eldar army and the medusa demony thing is a Daemon Prince for my Warriors of Chaos army) and one of my many, many marines, and set out to do it.

The story should be pretty clear- he’s failed to land any real telling hits on her (except maybe on the right forearm but it’s clearly not enough to prevent her from using that knife) while she’s given him a number of deep gashes even through the power armor and taken his eye. The marine is in trouble and probably doomed. 

[Before you comment ‘what the hell is a Warhammer Fantasy character doing fighting a 40k character,’ I was not about to spend a dime on a Dark Eldar witch when I already had a perfectly good Dark Elven same goddamn thing. Maybe she’s a Dark Eldar who likes to cosplay as an exodite witch or something. Maybe she doesn’t like splinter pistols and just went for double knives. Who gives a shit.]

She’s kneeing the more dangerous of his weapons out of the way while directing an attack at the other arm. Probably take it off at the elbow.

Got lots of good use out of the “Blood for the Blood God” technical paint and had some fun painting up an Ultramarine for the first and most likely last time. Not really a huge fan of the smurfs, but what the hell, they’re the iconic marines and I didn’t really feel like painting one of my own guys getting diced like a ham.

There are a couple of hairs stuck to the model, even after I went over it as best I could before photographing it. Such are the vagaries and compromises of living with several cats and a wargaming army.

This took way too long for a model I won’t even use in a game, so I probably won’t be doing anything like it again, but it was kinda fun and as good a way as any to burn off the excess caffeine in my system tonight. *shrug*

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Instead of glorifying violence against women, glorify violence against the foul xenos and the lying heretik.

Im going to be unpopular and say that glorifying anything Matt Ward wrote is only a slightly better subsitute.

Grey Knights have been around since at least Index Astartes II, which Ward had no hand in.

That’s what happens when you fake being a nerd just to impress girls, you look dumb as fuck.

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Factions of 40k, a summary.

Part 1

shameless self promotion


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