FINALLY! After an eight month (!) hiatus I got back into the hobby. 

I just needed a little kick in the butt, which i got in form of the latest rumors: Wood Elves artwork by Daarken

Seems like after almost 10 years, we get our new army book. 

Full of joyful anticipation i dusted off my paints and continued my long due projects. 

One of them is this Great Eagle from the Hobbit line which i absolutely adore. Hope you like it as well. 

Next up are either some Tree Kin, or just more Glade Guard. This time, it shouldn’t take as long for me to post updates, so look forward to hearing from me soon!

P.S.: Here’s the link to the reddit discussion thread concerning the latest wood elves rumors.

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Another WIP of another mini for another of my players, yep


Another WIP of another mini for another of my players, yep

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Painted up another section of the board! 

It’s all coming together splendidly, and look, even our left for dead guardsman is there.


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Die Hochland Hexenjager.

I’ve had these guys pretty much done since February, but I only got around to painting the Finecast Witch Hunter today. God, what a horrible material.

But anyway, here’s my Mordheim Witch Hunter band. It started out with the Warrior Priest who I painted for a competition. I had so much fun with the tartan and fire I thought I’d do a whole warband. I doubt I’ll ever play Mordheim, but I love these angry, little bastards.

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Sculpted a head for practice. I’d like to do more to get my footing again. Some of it I like some of it I want to improve. 

Some progress on the dire bat. You can see it here posed with the vampire spec ops.

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Cracked this guy out tonight!

It would take me a week to paint to this quality. 

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shut the hell up

you don’t know me

you don’t know what I’ve been through

you aint down with the struggle

besides, the Rubric was  great success technically.

yeah admittedly this is a little unfair

It’s more like,
"tries to fix the entire fucked up legion"
"somehow manages to fuck it up worse"
"spends the next 10k years wandering around apologizing to everyone and thing, moping, and hunting for a miracle cure."

"engages in a trolling war with the eldar over the location of the black library"

"manages to be one of chaos’ most competent leaders despite being a legionary exile"

Seriously, this needs to take into account Abaddon’s flailing.

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